Under a new Conservative government, you will be able to count on stable and predictable health and social program funding.

It is critical for you to have confidence that these programs will be there for you when you need them.

That’s what the Conservative's guarantee is all about.

We know how important it is to ensure quality public health care and social programs in every province.

Our Health and Social Program Guarantee guarantees our commitment to increasing both the Canada Health Transfer and the Canada Social Transfer.

That means federal spending will keep on increasing to meet the needs of all Canadians, and ensure a quality public health care system in every province, no matter what.


A new Conservative government will also invest $1.5 billion in its first term to purchase MRI machines and CT machines to replace aging equipment and add machines across the country, reducing wait times for potentially life-saving tests for Canadians.

Hundreds of thousands of Canadians wait longer than the recommended time for an MRI or a CT scan. That is just not good enough. This investment will help our health care providers to deliver quality services with the most up-to-date technology, giving patients quicker access to reliable, potentially life-saving tests.